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Welcome to the Typhoon Orchestrator community!

This community is to discuss all things Airflow and Data Engineering related, including Typhoon.

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Welcome to this community
This community is for discussing everything Data Engineering related including Airflow, Typhoon and anything else.
GeneralS02021-11-07 19:49:20.119Z
Sample question
This is an sample question. Click "Solution" below to accept an answer. In the topic list, everyone sees that this is a question, and if it's new (the icon), or if it's been answered ( the icon). In the topic list: To see all unanswered questions, cl...
QuestionsS32021-11-07 19:44:08.794Z
Sample idea
This is a sample idea. Click the idea icon to the left of the title (i.e. ) to change status from New Idea, to Planned, to Started, to Done. In the topic list, everyone sees the status of the idea at a glance — the status icon is shown to the left (e...
IdeasS52021-11-07 19:44:08.746Z
Sample discussion
This is an open ended discussion. Good comments rise to the top, and people can click Disagree to show that they disagree about something.
GeneralS32021-11-07 19:44:08.694Z
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